CRATEX thermal underwear (USA) is made from chitin fiber, the 21st century material – biopolymer of innovative technology – an extract obtained from king prawn and crab shells followed by a wet doubling process. The textile made from chitin fiber is soft, thin, durable, extremely comfortable in use, and absolutely antistatic. CRATEX thermal underwear compares favourably with any other underwear due to the chitin presence. CRATEX thermal underwear seems as if adapting to the ambient temperature and body sweating rate. Thanks to this features it may be used in wide temperatures range (50 F (+10°С) till -22 F (-30°С)) While wearing CRATEX thermal underwear you feel absolutely comfortable as this underwear textile regulates thermal and moisture exchange of a human body. With CRATEX thermal underwear you feel comfortable anywhere: in the office, during walking or recreational activities. Special three-layer structure textile ensures the most effective cold protection even during a very low temperature.

Структура термобелья Кратекс  

  • Cold protection
  • Temperature range for comfortable wearing is 50 F (+10°С) till -22 F (-30°С)
  • Temperature and moisture balance regulation
  • Skin cleaning and improving its appearance
  • Health-improving effect
  • Antistatic
  • Antibacterial effect
  • Antifungal effect
  • Comfort and ease in use


  • External layer – modal 100% (half-woollen, silky fiber)
  • Center – polyester 100%
  • Internal layer – chitin fiber 100% (cotton 90%, chitin 10%)

The chitin fiber used for CRATEX thermal underwear production is biologically active therefore has healthcare effect on allergic dermatitis, itch, excessive sweating, eczema, and skin inflammation. This material has bacteriostatic properties, protects against fungus, seronegative and seropositive bacteria. The fabric made from chitin fiber prevents your skin from moisture loss and balances temperature and moisture between clothes and your body. Thus while wearing CRATEX thermal underwear you do not sweat and there is no odour.

CRATEX thermal underwear is recommended for people spending much time in the cold by their form of activity, and also does perfectly for everyday wearing: during walking or recreational activities. The very latest fiber braiding technology makes the CRATEX thermal underwear delicate and immensely thin, thus it is unnoticeable almost under any clothes.

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