CRATEX thermal underwear
is made from supermodern material, notably textile capable of regulating thermal and moisture exchange of a human body. It was not without a reason that this fiber has been called “clever”. This is Chitin fiber. The chitin fiber seems as if adapting to the ambient temperature and body sweating rate. During cold weather it keeps heat in and moistures out perfectly, and when it’s hot this fiber creates a comfortable temperature balance by keeping surplus heat and moisture away from your skin. Thanks to this features CRATEX thermal underwear may be used in wide temperature range: from +10 °С (50 F) till -30 °С (-22 F). And while wearing CRATEX thermal underwear you feel absolutely comfortable. Modern fiber braiding technology makes the CRATEX thermal underwear delicate and immensely thin, thus the CRATEX thermal underwear is unnoticeable almost under any clothes.
структура термобелья кратекс îäåæäà äëÿ õîëîäíîé ïîãîäû CRATEX thermal underwear is made from chitin fiber which is thin, soft, durable, extremely comfortable, and absolutely antistatic. CRATEX thermal underwear can be worn all seasons of the year both during active sport doing and everyday activities.

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